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Toll Free: (866) 330-3991

Try the Widex Unique Hearing Aid Free for 7 Days

Are you dissatisfied with your current hearing aids? Or are you waiting for the next big breakthrough in hearing aid technology? Stop waiting. Try Widex Unique free for seven days. There is no obligation to buy. Get a pencil now and write down the number below.

Hear Again Hearing Aids is hosting a 5-day special event Monday, May 2nd to Friday, May 6th. During this 5-day special event, Hear Again Hearing Aids will test your hearing and fit you with Widex hearing aids to try for 7 days absolutely free. Every participant will also receive a free pack of hearing aid batteries.

This new revolutionary hearing aid helps you hear your friends and family better, captures more true sound than other hearing aids, eliminates 90 percent of unwanted noise, and is so small it’s nearly invisible.

You must call today to schedule an appointment to participate in this special event. Operators are standing by so call now at (361) 288-3036.