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Hearing Aid Repair Professionals Serving Corpus Christi & South Texas

You suppose it had to happen sometime. Your hearing aid once delivered crystal-clear sound quality, but lately there’s been pops and crackles—and sometimes no sound at all. You know there’s nothing left to do but start the shopping process all over again, and hope that the next device won’t quit on you so soon…

Not so fast! Your hearing aid may perform perfectly once again with a little maintenance. At Hear Again Hearing Aids, we can restore your device to working order and provide you with regular maintenance tips to keep your device working for years to come.

What If My Hearing Aid Isn’t Performing Like It Used To?

Your hearing aid is a finely-tuned machine, and all machines need occasional tune-ups. Here are just a few services we provide in our regular maintenance checks to keep your device running smoothly:

  • Battery care. Many devices that appear “dead”—deliver no sound output or refuse to turn on—are merely showing signs of battery problems. The issue may be an exhausted battery, a defect in the battery casing, or a damaged battery contact. We can show you how to extend and conserve battery life in your device, helping you save unnecessary costs of new battery packs.
  • Wax filters. Hearing aids have small screens called wax filters to prevent the device from becoming clogged with earwax. However, these filters must be changed regularly to keep sound quality clear. In most cases, wax filters should be replaced at least once a month.
  • Cleaning services. If your can hear through your device but you have to turn the volume all the way up, your device’s receiver has likely become blocked. The receiver, tubing, and casing can all become coated with earwax and other debris, muffling the sound output of your device. Our technicians can perform deep and thorough cleaning on your device to remove blockages in the tubing, microphone, and receiver outlets, and can give you additional tips on how to clean the device at home.

What If Cleaning Isn’t Enough to Fix My Hearing Aid?

At Hear Again, we know that a hearing aid is an investment, and we want to want you to keep your device in perfect working order for as long as possible. Many patients are so frustrated with their device’s poor performance that they will attempt to take it apart themselves, voiding the warranty and making replacement the only option.

If our cleaning services aren’t enough to restore lost function on your device, our technicians can safely disassemble the device and find out what is causing the problem. We repair broken and damaged hearing aids right in our office, making it easy for you to find a solution to the problem without waiting weeks or paying expensive shipping costs.

Remember: regular care appointments can save you the cost of buying a brand-new device! Visit our office in Corpus Christi, Texas today, or call (361) 854-2500 to make an appointment for cleaning and repair.